we are burning for
beautiful and carefully
handcrafted goods

We believe it is important today to slow down the urban consumerist lifestyle and to reconnect to nature. We think it is crucial to consume differently: less, healthier, local, durable. And of course, beautiful. 

We believe that well-thought, well-designed, well-made objects cultivate a strong symbolic and affective relation with their owners and bring them a warm and valuable comfort in their everyday use. As it has become a common banality today to buy mass-produced objects at the other end of the world and have them drone-delivered within 24h, we want to bring you delightful items meant to last your whole life and be bequeathed to your children.

One masterpiece rather than
ten cheap somethings.

Environemental impact

Our production process aims to have the smallest environmental footprint:

• 99% of our supply chain is local,
• clay is a natural and durable material,
• our packagings are made out of recycled materials
• we do not use any plastic.