our story

first of all,
we are burning
for friendship

dear reader,

We are Tomáš, Pavel, Hana and Baptiste, we are the founders of Burning for and our company is built on our friendship. 

We are four millennials who met each other several years ago in Prague, Düsseldorf and in the wilderness of the Bayerisher Wald. We have a passion for art, craft and design, we are fascinated by nature. Burning for can be considered as the result of our European cultural and artistic blend. We wish to bring you beautiful and sustainable tableware, conscientiously designed with heart, and carefully made by hand, to please your eyes. 

As food lovers and amateur cooks, we are also thrilled to prepare, serve and eat beautiful meals on delicious plates!

we value our
strong heritage


Burning for is made possible thanks to our partner and manufacturer Hrdějovicka Keramika. This ceramic workshop brings the most advanced Czech skills in terms of handmade stoneware making, thanks to its strategic location and its long history throughout the twentieth century. 

Founded in 1901 in Hrdějovice, this stoneware factory spans 120 years of wars, communism and social upheaval. In the 1970s, out of necessity, the renowned blue and white floral chicory pattern has been created and marketed internationally throughout Europe. This brought decades of economic success to the workshop. However, with recent political and economic changes, it was forced to close. 

In 2016, in order to rescue this valuable heritage, rich in high skills, craft techniques and local history, the municipality bought the workshop. Therefore, four employees were hired back, and once again, the famous stoneware could benefit from a new start.

blue is the
warmest colour

design process

Burning for is fully part of this renaissance and our design process lies in between this rich centennial heritage and contemporary creation. 

We value the slow and skilled handwork of stoneware. We kept the traditional cobalt blue paint and the warm natural color of the clay to which we brought completely new shapes and patterns. Tomáš has designed elegant and softly curved plates, bowls and cups, as Baptiste worked on unique, various, and intricate patterns. Based on his strong background in pattern graphic design, Baptiste is building a substantial iconography exploring geometric and organic shapes of shells, crystals, corals, leaves, water, etc. Therefore, the first collection is a mix of abstract and figurative shapes, minimal and complex patterns… 

As they are fully hand painted, drawings may vary from one item to another. Variations and imperfections are encouraged as part of the design process; they make each item precious and unique. 

Our aim is to achieve a timeless and unique design by developing a universal visual language connected to nature. 

we are baptiste, hana,
pavel and tomás, 

Burning for is the result of this joyful travel through time and space, based on friendship, on the preservation of local heritage, on the appreciation of high quality, handcraft and on the deep wish to bring to you beautiful, durable and timeless pieces of ceramics. 

We are very proud to share with you the story behind our stoneware and hope you will enjoy it’s richness, in your everyday life use.

Tomáš Cerny, Pavel Storch, Hana Storch and Baptiste Vandaele